I Am With You

Trigger warning: sexual assault

We wanted to re-share an animated short by Chanel Miller.

You may know her as “Emily Doe.”

“While writing Know My Name, I was constantly drawing as a way of letting my mind breathe, reminding myself that life is playful and imaginative. We all deserve a chance to define ourselves, shape our identities, and tell our stories. The film crew that worked on this piece was almost all women. Feeling their support and creating together was immensely healing. We should all be creating space for survivors to speak their truths and express themselves freely. When society nourishes instead of blames, books are written, art is made, and the world is a little better for it.”

–Chanel Miller // chanel-miller.com

Marion’s Story

For years, I believed things such as “You aren’t good enough” or “You aren’t pretty enough” or “You aren’t smart enough” or “You’re not skinny enough”. This basically all boiled down to the same concept…me feeling like I’m not enough. That I’m not worthy. That I’m not valuable. 

These thoughts spiraled into me being diagnosed with depression and struggling with anorexia. My eating disorder was a quest for perfection. It was a quest for me to be “enough”. I thought that if I had the perfect body, everything in my life would be perfect as well. However, that wasn’t true. Those thoughts only led to misery, sadness, loneliness, and more depression. For four years, I was in and out of treatment. In and out of doctors appointments, nutritionist appointments, and countless hours of therapy. I was stubborn and didn’t see anything changing. I didn’t want to change. I was miserable before my eating disorder started because of how self-degrading I was to myself, and I was still miserable at my lowest weight. So why not be miserable and be skinny too? That was my life. 

My eating disorder stole the majority of high school for me. Going out to dinner with people was out of the question. I stayed alone in my room all the time. My relationship with my parents was struggling. My brothers didn’t even know who their little sister was anymore. I was close to my life being fully taken due to the depression that my eating disorder caused. I was so depressed that I didn’t think life was worth living anymore. I didn’t want to be here anymore. I was admitted to an inpatient program for four days at a mental hospital. As scary as that was, it was desperately needed. I never thought I would be someone who had to be admitted to a mental hospital, but it is a lot more common than people think. So many people struggle with mental illness, and it is extremely important to get help. 

While I was in the hospital, something clicked. I realized that I couldn’t keep doing that to myself anymore. I had to make the choice to take a chance, to see if things could change. Upon being discharged from the hospital, I finally realized that those thoughts I was thinking were actually lies and not truth. Each day after leaving the hospital, I got a little stronger. I decided I was going to continue to fight. I realized that my story was nowhere close to being over. I realized that I am enough, simply because I am ME. I realized that I am made to love others and be loved in return. I realized that my body, no matter what size, is also made to be loved simply because it was created perfectly, just the way it is. And most importantly, I realized that I was worthy of the love I received in return. I realized that I was enough. 

Walking in freedom and walking in the truth is such a great feeling. No matter what you’ve thought about yourself, what you’ve been through, what you are struggling with…YOU ARE SO WORTH LOVING.